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ComplyRight Labor Law Poster Service makes it easy to comply with mandatory labor law posting regulations at the federal and state level. Each poster set includes all mandatory labor law postings for general industry as required by federal and state employment regulations, issued by as many as nine separate government agencies per state. Posters are guaranteed to meet 100% of all legal specifications, including posting size, font size and color requirements.
Service includes: 
•  Federal posters in English and Spanish, and state posters in English (and Spanish language translations where required by law).
•  365 days of posting compliance
•  100% compliant federal and state posters
•   Federal poster is 24" x 26.75"; state posters vary
•   Laminated for added durability
•  Meets strict government color, font and size requirements
•  Quick Response (QR) code on large-format state posters to audit posters and revision dates
•  Free replacement posters whenever a mandatory poster change occurs during the one-year service period
•  Poster shipments via free UPS ground with tracking information
•  Access to secure Web portal to audit location service activity and track deliveries
•  Email communications when mandatory changes occur and replacement posters ship
3 Easy Steps for you to Enroll in ComplyRight Poster Service! 
  1.  Go to www.365comply.com to enter the Poster Key Code included on card
  2. Enter shipping address and contact information
  3. Review and submit poster service enrollment  
Labor law poster set will ship to the customer’s delivery address approximately five business days after registration is accepted.
•  Secure Web portal to register your poster service using the provided Poster Key Code.
•  Valid email address and shipping address are required to complete service enrollment.
•  Poster Key Codes are single-use and expire after customer subscribes to the service.
•  Additional services are sold individually.
•  Currently, this service is available only to customers located in the United States.
Poster service: Bilingual Federal and English State
•  Item number: CRPS02
•  Card Size: 4" x 9"
 *Poster key codes printed inside card with wafer seal protection
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